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3 Companies Doing Social Media Right

Many businesses create social media channels in pursuit of new customers. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter seem to be the most effective platforms for brands, and while the strategies used to attract those customers differ from each platform, some campaigns rise above the rest. Here are our picks of 3 brands who had great social media campaigns and used it to stand out from their competitors. We hope by looking at how other companies do social media it can help with your own marketing efforts.


The thing about social media is that people don’t like ads, and the trick that brands have to master is to have informative fun content, while also promoting their product or service. This is proven to be hard and only a handful of companies have truly mastered this. Staples for one, have been able to incorporate the mundane into entertaining messages like these for example:


Innocent is a smoothie maker that has become known for its witty marketing, and starting conversations among its audiences. For them, they uncovered ways to do social media marketing that works for their brand. This includes, speaking like humans and avoid using buzzwords to sell their product. They also join in to conversations already happening by reacting to events.


Spotify has been known for its comical ads and incorporating popular culture in their cross channel campaigns. Using relevant memes is just one example of how they did they it, and shows just how in tune they are with their key target demographics, millennial's and gen Z. They take a data driven approach and combines the best of digital analytics with the physical ad space of pubic areas and fans in turn would take photos and post them on social media. GENIUS!

We hope these brand social media examples gave you a better idea on how to effectively start your own social media campaign. Did we miss one? Let us know your favorite campaigns in the comments!

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