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3 Social Media Challenges Your Business Must Overcome

When thinking about social media, many companies find it daunting. Once thought of as a passing fad, over the last decade it has drastically impacted the way a business markets online. Not only that, but platforms like twitter and Instagram have transformed the way people communicate with one another and with businesses. While social media stardom is ideal, there are many challenges to overcome to make it there.

Developing a successful social media strategy

While this first challenge may seem straightforward, you would be surprised to know how many businesses don’t have a good social media strategy, or even one at all. To start you need to set objectives and goals, these should generally align with your broader marketing strategy and business goals. It’s important to keep them as specific as possible while making sure they are still attainable. The purpose of this is to help you guide your actions, but it will also help you determine whether you are successful in your marketing efforts.

Generally the metrics you monitor will depend on the objectives you set, but it’s been recommended to look beyond the number of likes or followers you have, and to look at things like leads, link clicks, and impressions.

Social media can be a lot of trial and error. One post may perform well where as another not so much. Don't get frustrated, social media marketing is about building a brand whether it's a personal profile or for a business. You know, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

Measuring your social media ROI (return on investment)

Social media ROI is an important part of knowing whether the time, money, and resources you're putting towards social media marketing are literally "paying off".

A return on investment for social media can be a tricky thing to track and can vary from business to business. Luckily many platforms have added an extra analytics section for page admins to view how well their posts are performing. Take these results and match them up to your individual goals. For example how many newsletter sign-ups, website visits, or leads did you receive from your campaign? Did it perform better than you thought or are there things that need improving?

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Knowing which social media platform to use

Deciding what platform to build a presence on is a challenge., but there is an easy solution and that’s audience. It’s important to do research on what social media platform your audience spends most of their time on. It’s not enough to know where your target audience is you must find out where they are the most active.

Marketing on social media is more than just gaining hundreds of followers, there are fake and abandoned accounts to consider. Plus you need to figure out where your target audience is actively contributing. If you're not reaching the right people then you're marketing efforts are having minimal effect.

What works for your business? Have you come up with a successful social media marketing strategy? We’d love to know what worked for you, let us know in the comments!

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