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4 Ways Businesses can use Social Effectively

These days marketing strategies can vary widely, and while traditional marketing channels seem to be drying up, social media has steadily been on the rise. But time and resources needed to be effective on social media can be a problem for companies big and small. There are also some misconceptions that social media is free, but that isn't true, in fact large brands spend a big part of their marketing budget towards these efforts. Social media has changed the business world and is the most popular form of communicating (and complaining) for consumers. We hope these tips will help you navigate the world of social media so you can make better business decisions.


Before deciding on how to approach your social media plan do some research on your competitors and customers. This can provide very useful feedback on what platforms your customers are using, or how extensive your competitors social media reach is. Most consumers these days will look up a brand online before making a purchase, and if your consistent with your messaging social media marketing will benefit you.

Determine Your Source for Content

Content is considered the fuel for social media, without it you wouldn't be able to attract your target audience. Examples of rich content could be a blog, podcast, or visual content. But don't worry about being everywhere, pick the one best matched to your business do it well, then think about diversifying. There are a lot of sites that offer royalty free photos, you could even repost things you find on Instagram, but don’t forget to give them credit.

Don't View Social Media as an Add-On

Before you think about hiring or outsourcing your social media team it's important to think about where you are spending your current budget and resources. For example, spending too much on traditional forms of advertising is no longer beneficial, and it might be time to move those resources elsewhere. Also adding on social media work to an already existing employee will most likely fail, and it's not a good look for your business.

Realistic Expectations

For smaller companies looking to do their own social media, the benefit of social media is more of a long term goal. You shouldn’t expect to see results overnight, studies support the idea that in year one you can expect an increase in awareness of your brand. Year two might see engagement boosts with key audiences, and year three will finally come the financial benefits. If you want to speed up the process outsourcing your social media management might be for you!

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