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Effectively Using Emojis on Instagram

Emojis, you either love them or you hate them. From subject lines, to emails, to texts between two friends they're hard to ignore, and they're everywhere in today’s communication.

The options are endless when using emojis. If you're familiar with them, you know there's one for almost every aspect of life and new ones are constantly being released.

As a marketer you might be wondering how or when you should be using emojis on Instagram, and how many are appropriate to use? Well the short answer is, it depends. There's a lot of factors that determine the appropriate use of emojis, we have broken down some of them below.

In Your Bio

One of the best places to use emojis (in our opinion) is in your bio. Your bio is a chance for your company to show its personality and style. Whether it’s fun, quirky, professional, cute, or serious, there is an emoji for everything. Using emojis as a bullet point for each item is the best way to use it in your bio, but make sure they are relevant. If used correctly emojis will encourage people to engage with your profile, and make your brands page more colorful.

In Your Post Captions

While this tip may seem obvious you would be surprised how many people don’t use them in their Instagram posts! Using them in your posts give you the chance to take your brand’s personality a little bit further, and adds a bit more visual storytelling to your captions. Depending on your message, it will determine the type of emoji to use. Talking about the outdoors? Use trees, or leaves emojis. Using emojis can also draw attention to your call to action and make it stand out in the feed.

In the Comments

Emojis are a great tool to use for commenting on others (and your own) posts. Using them can be a way of adding personality and emotion to a response. People also like to reply to comments using emojis as it can be a short and fast way to respond. Just look on Instagram for examples of how people use emojis in the comments.

Emojis definitely play a big role in communicating on Instagram. It helps people bring attention to something, or provides a way to style your captions!

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