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Keeping Up Brand Loyalty During Difficult Times

In this fast changing climate, things have become uncertain for not only the population but for companies as well. It’s hard to know the full effect that COVID-19 will have on the economy in the long run and brands are already facing hardship. There is no better time then now to cultivate brand loyalty. When things do return to normal this will lead to customers returning to your business. Using online platforms like social media is crucial in order for companies to remain relevant and reach a wider audience, especially during a time where most people are likely to be home and online.

The best way to earn the loyalty and support of consumers, employees, and the community is by doing good. Companies can show they care about the man-on-the-street by showcasing the positive acts they are taking to combat the spread of the virus or how they're helping the community (donating to food banks, charities, healthcare workers, etc.). A great example of this is a variety of grocery store chains designating special hours to their senior and immunocompromised customers. When all settles, this is what your customers will remember most. Be sure to share this on your social media pages to spread the word.

A good starting point for companies during hard times is with employees. As former Procter & Gamble chief marketing officer Jim Stengel said at the Global Brand Forum recently: “Put people at the center of all you do because a brand is simply the collective intent of the people behind it.’’ Brands need to look after their employees during a time like this, as they are every company's biggest cheerleaders and making sure they feel secure is important. Highlighting good deeds or doing an "employee of the week" spotlight on your pages is a great way to stay in touch with your employees and customers.

Make sure to do good for the sake of doing good, not for financial gain or media publicity. Assist your consumers and employees in their time of need. Keep everyone in-the-know whether its special hours, new protocols etc. Social media can be your best tool to reach the masses.

Contact us for all social media assistance. With over 10 years of experience, we are the perfect fit to help your business through these difficult times and come out even stronger on the other end! -Social Llama

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