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Staying Organized & Productive With a Busy Schedule

If you haven't already figured this out, organization and productivity can go hand-in-hand. Don't worry we've all been there: too much to do with not enough time. We broke down the top 3 hacks to staying organized and productive regardless of your schedule!

1. Write it all down

There is no shame in writing yourself a note or reminder. Whether it's a conference call time, a grocery list or your dog's birthday, write it down. My desk is often covered in sticky notes but a white erase board or planner is a great approach as well. Even if you think you'll remember something, distractions happen. That simple task you promised yourself you'd remember gets put on the back burner. We suggest that at the beginning of your work week you take five minutes to make a list of everything that you want to accomplish, you will thank yourself later when you check off each task.


3. Prioritize tasks

If you work at a job that has deadlines it's extremely important to prioritize your work. Once you make that list Monday morning about what you need to get done for the week its a good idea to number them in the order that they need to get done. If you have a presentation due Wednesday its probably not a good idea to start on that data entry that's due at the end of the month. Knock out those important and timely tasks first. Cross them off your list and move onto those that are less demanding. This will help you keep on track and accomplish your goals on time.


2. Keep your work space clean

With a busy schedule keeping an organized desk or work space can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. A messy work space can be a major distraction; missing papers, lost files on your computer, the list goes on. Instead of letting it pile up throughout the week, take 5-10 minutes at the end of your day to put those files back in the cabinet, sort computer items into their respective folders, and throw out the post-it notes of completed tasks. Tidy up your space, water the plant and go to bed with a fresh attitude to have another productive day at work!

We hope you have a productive work week! -Social Llama

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