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Steps for Better Local Marketing with LinkedIn

When people talk about social media marketing their first thought is Facebook and Instagram, they usually don't think about LinkedIn. But believe it or not, there are over 400 million people on LinkedIn and it's a great platform for businesses to be on.

It's important to focus on social media platforms that will be beneficial for your company. While Instagram is a great place to post about your recipes, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with other chefs and professionals. That being said marketing on LinkedIn is completely different than marketing on Instagram or Facebook. We hope these tips will help introduce you to the world of LinkedIn so you can use the platform to market successfully.

Targeting by location

LinkedIn allows you to share content and updates, but did you know that you can get super specific with who sees the post? Released earlier this year, LinkedIn now allows you to target specific audience based off of region, location, industry, language and more! If you create a post intended to attract local business then take advantage of this feature.

Put thought into your posts

It's important to post content that is professional and will meet the needs of your followers. Don't just post to post. Create content that your target audience might find interesting or engaging, and will keep them coming back for more. Post about local events, or things that are specific to your area to connect with local LinkedIn users.

Join local groups on LinkedIn

Have you ever joined a LinkedIn Group? It's basically a location for users with similar interests to connect and discuss a topic. You can search by name or location to see if a group exists. Networking face-to-face is ideal but who has the time? LinkedIn is a great way to virtually network with like minded individuals or local professionals.


Follow these steps to help you market your business locally on LinkedIn. The good thing about this platform is that a lot of businesses and professionals use it and you'll be amazed at how many people you know and how many opportunities are out there! Happy Monday

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