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Tips on How to Promote Your Business on Pinterest

Pinterest is a social media site most people often forget about, but its had a lot of growth over the years. With 291 million active users it is a great platform for companies to grow their audience. Unlike Instagram, Pinterest doesn’t have a like button, instead content is shared by users re-posting (or re-pinning) content that they like. While it might seem straightforward, there are a few tricks that will help people discover your brand easier. These tips were taken straight from the Pinterest Academy, and we hope these tips will help you in growing your Pinterest following!

Get Creative

It’s important to use compelling imagery and motion in order to grab Pinners’ attention, and help your pin stand out from the rest. As a business you want to make the product or benefit the focal point of your pin so users know exactly what your're about. It’s important to focus on the message your brand want to conveys so people can see how your product or brand can fit into their life. A good image is a great way to lure users to take a closer look or save a pin of yours. A good tip is to feature a product with multiple variations and photos!

Create Actionable Pins

Creating a compelling pin is more than just good imagery, it also needs to have a good description and a desired outcome. Feature a call to action like, shop our latest collection now, on the actual image and in the description to make sure there is a clear path to the action. This way people on Pinterest will feel inclined to click through your pin and onto your website. Another helpful tip is to tease or hint at an idea to provoke curiosity with users.

Best Practices

There are a few key practices you should use on Pinterest that will take your images to the next level and really grab your audience's attention. Showing your product from an unexpected angle can make the image more interesting to users. It’s important to have tasteful branding for easy identification; play around with text overlays and design elements to make your image pop. Also featuring multiple images in a single layout or in the carousel feature will help you brand attract more people.

Go Vertical

Pinterest is all about the images streamlined intentional designs perform better than cluttered text and images. Lifestyle images are also more effective than product shots so plan your pins accordingly and you will get more engagement. It’s known the 85% of pinners use Pinterest on a mobile device so it’s crucial your pins are optimized for the mobile space. Design within the guides of the vertical image, a 2:3 aspect ratio is a good format to use.

We hope these tips will help you understand Pinterest a little bit more, and the benefits it can bring you and your business!

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