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Understanding the Changes Coming to Instagram & Facebook

If you're a part of the social media community, you may have heard some buzz around the new Instagram and Facebook changes. As Marketers its important for us to stay on top of these changes, as they can have a huge impact on how we market through social media for business. We've explained some of the biggest changes below and what they mean moving forward!

Instagram Removing Likes and Video Views for Business Accounts

We had to take a deep breathe when we heard this one. The idea is to prevent users from comparing themselves to others based on likes or views, and putting more of a focus on the actual content that it being posted. Account owners will still be able to see how many likes they receive but it will no longer be displayed to the public. There will be a big focus on engagement as comments will still appear for all to see. While at first we cringed, it may actually be for the best. It will weed out the accounts that pay for likes and even out the playing field for those accounts that post good content but weren't receiving a lot of likes.

Facebook Organic Targeting by Interests

While scrolling through your news feed you may have noticed that you're seeing a lot more sponsored or advertised posts. It's becoming harder then ever to reach consumers organically (unpaid) with your content. To counteract this you can actually choose a very specific audience to show your post to. Interests, gender, age, and location are some of the options when getting ready to publish your post.

Low Quality Posts Removed From Hashtag Pages and Explore

Now more then ever its important to focus on the type of content you're posting. In the new update, Instagram will be evaluating the quality of you're posts and whether or not others will find them interesting and engaging. When using hashtags on your post you would normally show up on that hashtag page in the 'recents' tab. This is no longer a guarantee as Instagram wants to clean up those posts that clog up the feeds with not so great content.

If you have any questions about how these updates will affect your business feel free to reach out to us!

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